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JW: Kenya Institute Overview

In June, the Kenya team at Jacob’s Well headed up a four-week long institute focused on aid sustainability while telling the story of Jacob’s Well’s involvement in Kenya over the past seven years. The title of the institute was “The Story of Mutual Transformation: Jacob’s Well & The Pokot,” as so much of our story-telling was based on the impact that those of us on the JW side have encountered through meeting and spending time with the Kenyan people. Read on for a breakdown of each week’s lesson! If you want to know more, chat with any of the people mentioned below if you know them, or email justice@jacobswellchurch.org.

Kenya Institute Promo

Week 1: Intro to Africa and Sustainable Development Aid

  • Julie Morris shared a brief history of Africa, explaining colonialism and geography and how it affected the status quo of many African nations today.
  • Moe Lunn gave a lesson on sustainable development aid, examples of when aid is damaging to a community or economic progress, and ways we can assess our giving and buying to keep aid on the right track. View the handout>
  • Toby Lunn shared stories from his time in East Africa giving evidence the the reality that often good intentions are not enough when it comes to aid, and that if often is damaging on the ground.

Week 2: The Power of Water Access

  • April Davies, Program Manager of Sub-Saharan Africa for Water.Org, gave a presentation on water and sanitation access, bring to light the realities of disease and livelihood due to lack thereof.
  • Laura Lesniewksi, long-time JW’er and BNIM architect, shared the in-depth story of how JW first become connected to Kenyans, ultimately leading to the funding of ten life-changing deep water boreholes throughout the West Pokot region.

Week 3: The Power of Education

  • Amy Hocking, a JW’er with much overseas experience who now works with international students through the NAIA, gave us a lesson on how the Kenyan education system functions.
  • Sam De Jong, JW’er and BNIM architect, shared the in-depth story of how, after the water wells were complete, JW came to design and fund the construction of a secondary school in Asilong, Pokot.

Week 4: City Harvest Ministries Wrap-Up

  • For the final week, we shared an overview of the rest of City Harvest Ministry’s (the organization we partner with for the work in Pokot) programs in Nairobi, Kenya and how their church is changing the lives of Kenyans on a diverse and sustainable level. View the handout>

Check out the Kenya Institute Recommended Reading List>


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