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JW: Reflections from the sound booth


A brief reflection on a Sunday during the recent justice series from Laura Lesniewski as she ran the slides from the sound booth….

So … in listening to this song, I think it deeply reflects what we’ve been learning about justice. We have a long way to go still to know how to speak, listen, live, learn. I love that we are encouraging each other to live in the tension of our laws and God’s laws.


Come Show Us Our Savior, by Mike Crawford

Lord, shine through our lives

Though we are broken, though we are breaking

Lord, teach us to see

The poor as our brother, our radiant sister

Lord, teach us to speak

So others may hear the hope of your kingdom

Lord, teach us to love

So others may see your light of salvation

And Lord, when we make a wreck

A wreck of your world, help us to heal it

Lord help us to live 

the way that you loved through Jesus our Savior

Lord, teach us to die 

to status quo lives, and profit your kingdom

Lord, teach us to listen

So others may speak “On earth as in heaven”

Lord, teach us to learn

From others we meet that yours is the glory

And Lord, where we’ve made a wreck

A wreck of Your world, a wreck with our words, a wreck with our service

Where we have torn down by judging our neighbor

Will you come build up? Come show us our Savior!




One comment on “JW: Reflections from the sound booth

  1. sonicleese
    August 16, 2013

    Our Psalm….

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