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Aid: Just Trying to Help

asilong cowIn our recent Kenya Institute, we spent some time talking about how often what we think of as “aid” can actually be harmful to people and communities. While this is becoming more common knowledge when it comes to “big aid” (e.g. governmental aid, etc.), we still need to train ourselves to consider what our charity is really doing on the ground. For Jacob’s Well, our close and mutual relationships with the Kenyans who are leading us help us to know that our projects in Asilong are sustainable.

Recently, a few great interviews have fleshed this out. First, Peter Greer, President of Hope International, discusses the pitfalls of faith-based philanthropy, and opportunities related to microfinance.

“Your Help is Hurting: How Church Foreign Aid Programs Make Things Worse” with Peter Greer>

Second, this week’s episode of This American Life follows a young NGO that simply gives Kenyans cash instead of funneling their aid through some other form of development and is compared to the well-renowned organization Heifer International.

“Your Money for Nothing and Your Cows for Free” on This American Life (go directly to “Act 1” for this story only)>

If this topic interests you, you can learn more on our recommended reading page, and in a previous post on the Kenya Institute last June (including the handout from Week 1).


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