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JW: Meet Lindsey & Serve at Rosedale Ridge


During our “Neighboring” series last July, we talked about God’s charge to Israel in the book of Jeremiah: “[S]eek the welfare of the city where I have sent you,” God says to the people exiled in Babylon, “and pray to the Lord on its behalf, for in its welfare you will find your welfare.” As a church we have been praying for more opportunities to do just that. And one chance for us to seek the welfare of Kansas City has arisen through a partnership with Rosedale Ridge, an apartment complex a few minutes’ drive from Jacob’s Well.

Beginning this summer and continuing into the school year of 2014-15, JW will be piloting an after-school program for approximately 30 Rosedale children (Kindergarten through 8th grade). Lindsey Jacobus will be directing this initiative and so we wanted to take a moment to introduce her here. Also, we are hoping that a number of us within the JW community will consider volunteering a couple hours a week to help mentor and encourage Rosedale kids, many of whom face significant challenges and also (of course) have huge potential. Click on the link at the bottom of the page to express your interest in serving or to simply get more information about volunteering.

-Isaac Anderson, JW Kerygma (Justice) Pastor

Meet Lindsey!

JW: First thing’s first: How do you pronounce your last name?

Lindsey: juh-COH-bus. It’s a rough one for spelling and pronouncing.

JW: How long have you been attending Jacob’s Well? What brought you here initially?

Lindsey: I’ve been attending since my Junior year of college – so about 5 years. Several of us from Mid-America Nazarene University (MNU) drove together each week.

JW: Describe your first experiences with Rosedale Ridge. What about the RR community made you want to get involved there?

Lindsey: I started volunteering when MNU offered chapel points for it. Initially, my motivation was to get chapel points for something other than sitting in chapel (don’t tell MNU!). I ended up staying involved for over two years because I loved the children and the community so much.

JW: You’ve described being the Director of the Rosedale Ridge After-School Program as your Dream Job. What about this specific opportunity excites you?

Lindsey: The community of Rosedale Ridge and my experiences there are what inspired me to pursue a Master’s degree in Social Work. Going back feels like my journey up until now is coming full-circle. I’m even more excited about the chance to start the program essentially from scratch, utilizing research and the wisdom of everyone who has been involved before. We get to create a program that combines all of the best practices and insights.

JW: Talk a little about your education background, and your current Master’s project.

Lindsey: I graduated with an Accounting degree after changing my major at least 4 times and went to Law School immediately after undergraduate. I always wanted to serve people, but also wanted to be successful (in society’s view). Once I gave up on my ideas of success, and finally put my trust completely in God’s hands, I found Social Work – which is the best fit I could have imagined. I will graduate in May with my Masters degree. My final project is to develop an evidence-based after school program to implement at Rosedale Ridge. My project partner is Elizabeth McClure, who is a fellow student and JW member with great love & passion for the Rosedale kids.

JW: What do you hope to see happen at Rosedale Ridge over the next year or two?

Lindsey: I want to implement a really great, consistent program that improves the character and confidence of the students. I hope to see the community become a more positive place for families to grow. Most of all, I want to see the partnership between Rosedale Ridge and Jacob’s Well become a steady, sustainable, mutual relationship.

JW: How do you envision Jacob’s Well’s role in this endeavor? What do we have to offer to the RR community, and what do they have to offer us?

Lindsey: I would love to have JW serve as a deep pool of volunteers and advocates for the community of Rosedale Ridge. JW is a rare community of talented and passionate people who are also believers. I think we, as a church, can offer so much hope to a community that doesn’t often see a reason to hope. Often, people want to do some kind of service or volunteer work, but have no idea how to start. This program specifically offers a place for members of our community to give time and talent to kids and families who will really enjoy and appreciate it.

JW: Tell us about your family. How long have you been married, and what is your husband, Dylan, up to currently? What do you do for fun?

Lindsey: Dylan & I have been married for a year and a half. We have two cats & two dogs whom we love absurdly and treat as fellow humans. We love road trips, camping, trying new recipes, marathoning TV shows on Netflix, KU Basketball, & hanging out with my cousins.

Dylan is in medical school at KU Med and I couldn’t be prouder of how hard he works to accomplish his goals!

JW: Finally, what kind of volunteer help are you looking for, and where can we get more info about being involved? What’s the next step?

Lindsey: I am looking for as many volunteers as we can get! There will be several different commitment levels of volunteering, so hopefully everyone can find an opportunity to fit varying schedules and interests. Our next step is to gather a large enough group of volunteers so we can hit the ground running as soon as we finish developing the program, so please sign up through the link below and I”ll be in touch with you soon!

Sign Up to Learn More About Serving at Rosedale Ridge>


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