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Kenya: Petition for Congolese Refugees

Refugees throughout the world are continually put through the ringer inside refugee camps–places that supposed to be a safe place from the crises they’re running from. Considering signing this petition (no login or anything else required) to persuade the Kenyan government to stop their brutal arresting and displacing of Congolese refugees in Kenya.

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More on the story….

The Banyamulenge are a group of refugees from DR Congo. On Sunday, May 4th Kenyan police interrupted a Banyamulenge church service in Kasarani, near Nairobi. They forced everyone there (about 200) to get on trucks and go somewhere to be checked for proper documentation. All of the refugees in this group are documented and legally residing in Kenya. Their documentation was never checked and they were taken to prison. For four days they were not fed. When the refugees insisted that they had proper documentation and that they should be released, they were tear gassed and beaten. Several of the women are pregnant, many people are sick, and mothers have been separated from their children.

All 200 of the refugees have now been taken to a refugee camp called Dadaab, in the desert near the Somalian border. The Banyamulenge are very afraid in the camp. Security is precarious and conditions are not good. Since they were rounded up at a church meeting, the refugees are all Christians. The camp, however, is populated mostly by Somali muslims. They received notice that the Somali did not want Christians in the camp and that they intended to attack the Banyamulenge. They are very afraid for their safety. At the Gatumba massacre in 2004, several hundred Banyamaulenge were massacred in their beds in a UN camp. They want to go back to their homes in Nairobi, where they legally have a right to be.

Help put an end to state-sponsored violence! Return refugees to their homes and families. Tell the Kenyan authorities to stop this and take action.


One comment on “Kenya: Petition for Congolese Refugees

  1. vance
    January 8, 2016

    Jesus is with the Banyamulenge. He has a plan and His plan is Good. He will work all things together for the Good. He will make sense of this insanity. Keep the faith Brethren. Keep the Banyamulenge in prayer.

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