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Sudan: Make This Conflict News

nr The world is full of hidden, unknown injustices, and one such conflict is happening every day in the Nuba Mountains of Sudan. With a riddled history of civil war, the Nuba Mountains region of Sudan is once again being attacked daily by their own government, as the Sudanese government attempts to rid the country of remnants of rebel forces after South Sudan’s secession in 2011….they’re attempting this by attacking an entire region of civilians by dropping bombs on a near daily basis. Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 2.19.10 PM Nuba Reports is a citizen journalist organization that is dedicated to “make this conflict news” in order to gain the attention of the world, put pressure on Sudan and find resolution.

As these self-trained Sudanese journalists daily document the attacks and resulting injuries and casualties, they often find themselves in the midst of the danger. One story is told on Nuba Report’s website, complete with video of bombers flying overhead.

Read “‘They Bomb Us Too’–A Nuba Reports Journalist’s First Hand Account”>

Yesterday, Nuba Reports founder, Ryan Boyette, spoke on WNYC’s On the Media about the why behind Nuba Reports and how their citizen journalism can make a difference. He concludes by translating a Sudanese traditional song revealing the dedication and endurance of the Sudanese people: “I will continue fighting to the end of my days, so the next generation can have peace.”

Read More Nuba Reports from the Conflict in Sudan >

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    June 22, 2014
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