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Race: ‘Beyond Ferguson’ Special


This past week, NPR’s Michel Martin hosted a special community gathering in Ferguson, Missouri to openly discuss the issues surrounding the shooting of Michael Brown and following protests with community leaders, citizens, and law enforcement. It is an incredibly powerful, eye-opening, and wrenching two hours of dialogue.

Read about the meeting here >

Listen to the full ‘Beyond Ferguson’ Special >


One comment on “Race: ‘Beyond Ferguson’ Special

  1. sonicleese
    September 11, 2014

    This was good to listen to–found myself shaking my head through alot of it. It was particularly interesting to hear the comments of one young woman (a peace protest participant who’d been blasted in broad daylight AND during a candle light vigil with the full trappings of aggression along the spectrum of police presence) book-ended on either side by the passive aggressive avoidance of Mayor James Knowles and the honest, tender exacting pleas of the Reverand Willis Johnson. It will be interesting to see how this dialogue plays out and I hope some healing and change can come from that city’s crisis…..

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