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Aid: New Republic on “The Problem With International Development…”

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Here’s a great article for the development layperson that provides helpful explanation on the damages and unsustainabilities of some development aid, including gifts in kind. The article also speaks to the issue of NGOs providing their low “overhead” percentages as a means to win over donors, but how that doesn’t mean they’re the best option to go with. The article is lengthy, but super informative and easy to read. Here’s a quote:

“According to Ben Ramalingam’s Aid on the Edge of Chaos, international development is … an invasive species. Why [a Kenyan village] doesn’t have a vaccination clinic, why Kenyan schoolkids can’t read, it’s a combination of culture, politics, history, laws, infrastructure, individualsall of a society’s component parts, their harmony and their discord, working as one organism. Introducing something foreign into that systemmillions in donor cash, dozens of trained personnel and equipment, U.N. Land Roverscauses it to adapt in ways you can’t predict.”

Read the full article by Michael Hobbes at New Republic >

Disclaimer: this article contains a few expletives from the feisty author.

Follow-up: After reading the article, head over to our next post about providing prosthetic limbs in Sudan and share your thoughts!


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