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Sudan: Nuba Reports Update


Last summer we told you about Nuba Reports in a post called “Sudan: Make This Conflict News“. The men and women of the Nuba Reports team are still working hard to get the word out about the continual bombing and oppression of the people of the Nuba Mountains by the Sudanese government forces.

They recently published the 2014 Situation Report, which describes the continued and blatant bombing campaign of the Nuba Mountains region with little or no attention in rest of the political world.


With lack of international media and NGOs in the region, Nuba Reports provides this information to keep relevant actors aware of the  situation in the war zones of Sudan. If you are in the media, international NGO community, or a political position, please share and let contact Nuba Reports with additional topics or further details you need in their reporting by emailing info@nubareports.org.

Learn More About Nuba Reports >


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This entry was posted on January 20, 2015 by in Africa, Aid, International, News, Poverty, Refugees, Sudan, War.
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