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JW: Kenya Video Series, Pt. 2

Videographers: Kindling Co.

Video & Photography Contributions by: Beth Mercer, Maureen Lunn, Laura Lesniewski

View Part 1 here >

In late March, a few Jacob’s Wellers are heading back to Kenya and so we want to remind you where our relationship began with the people of City Harvest Ministries in Nairobi and the Pokot people in Northwestern Kenya, and where it’s been since. Over four weeks we’ll share brief stories and tell the trajectory of our partnerships in Kenya leading up to the team traveling there in March through a series of videos shown during worship gatherings at Jacob’s Well. We’ll post those videos here on the blog one by one!

So last week we learned about the origin of our relationship with the Pokot and how it led to funding ten fresh water boreholes (aka wells) in the area. This week we hear how the arrival of fresh water completely changed the cultural landscape for the better.

Learn More About Our Work In Kenya >


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