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JW: Kenya Trip Update

In March, four JW’ers headed over to Kenya for the first time in a few years to continue our presence and friendship with the people of City Harvest Ministries in Nairobi and Asilong Village in the Pokot region. If you missed our video series exploring the background of our involvement in Kenya, check them out here.

Jannele, Laura, Mimi and Sam traveled to Pokot via Nairobi in mid-March. With a goal of preparing for the continued construction of the secondary school and encouraging and ministering to the community and leadership there, the team stayed five days in Asilong Village, sleeping in “guest huts” and enjoying the hospitality of the locals.


Sam with Julius Sawe, who leads the people of Asilong in innumerable ways, from teaching to preaching to providing medical assistance and hospitality. Julius is an essential connection for JW’s involvement in Asilong.

Each day, Laura & Sam headed out–a quick 15 minute walk through brushy trails–to the secondary school site, where they met with local contractor Kennedy Matini who will head up the construction and made plans and blueprints for the newest building. A teacher housing structure, necessary to open a school in rural Kenya where teachers relocate full-time to work, will undergo construction this month and be completed by the end of 2015. If all goes smoothly, a secondary school (high school) — the first in the area — will open at the top of the 2016 school year and provide education to kids of many tribes and age throughout the village and surrounding areas.

8th grade students

The 8th grade class took Jannele & Mimi on a hike to the top of the nearby mountain.

While the architects worked on construction plans, Mimi & Jannele got creative and spent their days in the local elementary school. Pairing up kids with Jacob’s Well pen pals, making crafts and giving some fun art lessons, the two creatives loved getting to know the school kids and seeing their excitement for sharing their culture and lives with our team.

Joining in with many villagers for prayer and worship every day, the team also heard of the day-to-day hardships that the people of Asilong endure and saw their powerful faith in the face of tragedy.

As construction on the secondary school continues, we’ll keep you posted as we receive photos and updates from our friends in Asilong. In the meantime, pray for smooth construction and healthy workers.


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