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Kenya: Attack on Garissa + Thoughts on Response to Tragedy

We haven’t posted on our blog about the tragic attack in Garissa, Kenya a few weeks ago, but hopefully you follow us on twitter @jwkerygma and were staying up to date on the situation as it happened and since. Now, we’d like to post this explainer on Al Shabab, providing some background and information on their agenda and how Kenya security forces may move forward. Here’s the piece from NPR, which you can read or listen to:

Al Shabab: One Terror Group, Many Brands on NPR >

There’s also been some interesting, and saddening, conversations out on the web about how we take in and respond to international tragedies, comparing the international response to the 148 dead in Kenya to the intense reactions to the killings in France not long before at Charlie Hebdo. How, as Westerners and as people seeking justice in the world, appropriately and equally respond to tragedies all over the globe, without prejudice for one group, status or race over another? Admittedly, it’s difficult and we have no solution — would love to hear your thoughts and process.


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This entry was posted on April 17, 2015 by in Africa, International, Kenya, News, Race, War.
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