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Race: 1.5 Million Missing Black Men

A recent piece of research by the New York Times “Upshot” team that shows a tragic vacancy at the heart of American society: “missing” black men. For those interested in the recent events in Ferguson, Mo., or in the challenges facing a community such as Rosedale Ridge here is some hard data that contains–as the article argues–far-reaching implications.

Read – 1.5 Million Missing Black Men >


2 comments on “Race: 1.5 Million Missing Black Men

  1. wes84
    June 8, 2015

    I hate to ask the obvious…but in what ways is Jacob’s Well, an overwhelmingly white community, helping with this problem?

    (Sorry, but “raising consciousness” or mentioning it in a sermon are cop-out answers)

    • jwjustice
      June 30, 2015

      Hi Wes, sorry for the delay. We never claim to “raise consciousness” or announce things in a sermon just for the sake of announcement. This blog is one of our ways to engage with the problems, but that said I believe (and let me point out — this is Moe, one of the managers of this blog, and I am speaking not officially for JW but just as an involved attendee) that there are some things in the world that we must not try to save or think we can change. When it comes to the lives of black men and black families, what should we do? Our doors are open to all and we choose to seek God and pursue justice with all of our hearts and lives. Our recent programs in Rosedale Ridge were a great way we could do this on a justice front, directly impacting the families of a minority group. But in general, while the majority of our members may be white, I don’t think that prevents us from discussing the issues and, yes, bringing attention to them. One of our main aims on many posts of this blog is to bring attention for white people to white privilege, and help whites to understand that we are almost under no circumstance truly “colorblind” and so how do we seek equality nonetheless? We never claim to be directly helping with any problem that we post here on the blog, but we do post it as a forum for thought, awareness, and discussion. So — in that regard I ping the question back to you — what ways are you helping, or what ways do you think we should?

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