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Hope: Liz Bohannon on Not Losing It

It’s been a big few weeks in the news and there has been a lot to process. It seems the tragedies never end. From the massacre in Charleston to recent terrorist attacks in Tunisia and France to that don’t-even-go-to-the-International-page-of-the-Times-if-you-want-to-have-a-good-day feeling, it’s very difficult to know what to do with it all, how to process it, and how to respond (but do go to the International page of the Times. There’s a lot going on in the world that we’ll never begin to cover here).

A few months ago, a JW friend of mine who had to relocate from KC in order to run the amazing Sseko Designs, posted a beautiful commentary at the year anniversary of the widespread kidnappings in Nigeria. While she speaks specifically to the tragedies in Nigeria, her words apply to all of our hopelessness and lost — whether it’s close to our lives or just a news scroll. We all feel it one way or another and could all use some encouragement. Read and share and keep hoping.

From Liz:

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 11.05.54 PM
A year ago 276 girls were kidnapped in Nigeria. Most of them have still not returned home. –Yes, it’s very sad. But it was a year ago. And halfway across the world. And it’s ISIS and sex slavery and abuse and poverty and all. the. sad. things. And I just can’t. — You know, I get that. We can’t all care about everything all the time. It’s actually impossible. I don’t. You don’t. Our hearts and heads just couldn’t even handle it all. But just because we can’t care about everything doesn’t mean we can’t care, deeply, about some things. But it’s so easy to believe that it’s all just too much. Or at least I do, often. So we start to build a little fortress around our hearts because who has the time or the energy to care about things Out There? Who can afford to silently cry themselves to sleep about something so big that they can’t change when life is already filled to the brim with all the to do’s and just keeping our head above water in our busy, important lives? So brick by brick, we build little walls around the city of souls to keep us distanced and safe from all of those things–from the darkness that breaks our hearts. But we shouldn’t be afraid of the breaking. We should be afraid of the bricks, of building that fortress, without even realizing it, stone by stone. Because what is more hopeful and haunting and human than a heart filled with a million little cracks, spidering across, letting the Light shine in–and if we’re lucky, maybe occasionally letting the Light shine out, too? Here’s to hoping and praying for a glimpse of light in the darkness for these girls and their families.


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